I HELP Parentpreneurs


Stressors at work and in their home

With today's overwhelming dual environments, complex social influences, information overload, and limited quality family time, managing your business and family is extremely challenging.

With the right skills, I help you get ahead.


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Drawing my leadership experiences from

Knowing how to engage people is the key for success in a rapidly evolving tech world, whether at home or in your business. 


We once thought of capabilities like communications as “soft skills’ - but in truth, there’s nothing soft about them given how instrumental they are today.


With the RESET mini-course you'll uncover your blindspots and unlearn unhelpful behaviors and beliefs so that you can discover the impact it has for you at work and at home.

With REFRAME you will gain self-awareness to your engagement style and learn how to improve your skills to positively impact your work and and family relationships. 

Parents leading businesses in need of personal guidance REFRESH in my private group coaching workshops.  This 6-month immersive program takes you  through a once in a lifetime experience with fellow entrepreneurs with children!  


Strong families can be built, they aren’t just ‘born’ from the beginning... it's never too late to hit that refresh button!


3 Biggest Mistakes in Parenting

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watch your family & business thrive  with the right leadership and emotional intelligence skills.

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Hi, I’m Sandhya (sun-the-ya)!

I take leadership skills such as DiSC and Emotional Intelligence and help families be successful at home and away from it! 

My work is rooted in over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Development. During my years of work with teams, leaders, managers, and parents in various work cultures, I saw the power of emotional intelligence in creating high performing teams.

The downside was…

By the time I was coaching people in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s they had missed out on decades of opportunity. Opportunities, that is, to develop their EQ, communication skills, and social awareness. Even though these are often considered ‘soft skills’ they are CRITICAL for success!

Parents need a chance to develop emotional intelligence skills in their children at an early age when it matters most — in middle and high school!

My own motherhood journey started in 2011 with my daughter. In 2014 I added my son to the mix. I’m also an aunt to four teenagers, which has made for an interesting parenting ‘playground’ where I’ve seen firsthand the power of emotional intelligence in the world we live in today. 

I work with a full spectrum of people from CEO's, leaders  and their teams to families with children of all ages.

I show you how to improve your social engagements, create alignment, reduce conflict, and build a stronger family or work culture. 

With just one workshop, I am able to increase  emotional intelligence to the point where there's a stronger connection within yourself and the people around you.

I've built my workshops in a way that allows you to apply these skills everywhere and in any phase of your life by using tangible tips and strategies that can be used right away. 

I'll save you an immense amount of future money spent unlearning unhealthy behaviors and the effect it had, as well as decades of time finally figuring it all out.

Let me you get there.

Sandhya Dayal
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Understanding the way your child’s brain works and how they think is fascinating, but to then take that information and help them understand themselves is priceless! There is no better person to help with this than Sandhya. I wish I had this growing up as I think it would have changed the relationship I had with my parents and also my self confidence. Every parent should have Sandhya’s tools as part of their parenting toolbox!

Dr. Sheth, Physical Therapist at TEDx Speaker

"The methods used to understand and reveal our communication styles were spot on and learning how to understand others by people reading were instrumental in this process. We’ve raised our communication to a higher level with an understanding of our vision, values, and focusing on what is truly important to us as a family. I highly recommend Sandhya’s program. It's an unforgettable experience and worth every minute invested!

Dr. Monge, Oncologist & TEDx Speaker