At RefresHR, we want everyone to always feel safe and connected in a fun, comfortable, and inclusive learning environment. We believe that how you express yourself – whether through words, images, or videos – directly impacts our community. In order to make sure that our community is a safe space for everyone, members of our team may step in to moderate messages and content choices if such content violates our community standards.

With that in mind, here are our guiding principles--also known as the “3 golden rules”:

  1. Be Kind: Help all learners feel welcome and included.
  2. Be Safe: Keep your personal information private and never ask other learners for theirs
  3. Be respectful: Treat others how you want to be treated.

Because we assume the best intentions in our community--and know that our learners may inadvertently post material that violates our 3 golden rules, we moderate content through a lens that everyone can learn from their mistakes. To that end, we always use our discretion in reviewing content and take appropriate actions to educate where possible, rather than “penalize” our users. We believe that this approach will ultimately better our community, and our greater society as a whole.

To educate our learners and families, we email the parent or guardian as soon as the learner posts something problematic and talk through our guidelines, with the hope that going forward, the learner commits to upholding our standards. In egregious or repeated incidents, RefresHR may, however, take additional actions such as account suspension, termination, or law enforcement notification. We will always notify learners and families before suspending or terminating an account. 

For additional information on what actions constitute violations and result in consequences, please consult our “Green, Yellow, Red” guide below.

Green = Go Full Speed Ahead

Yellow = Caution Slow Down -- Think First! This can hurt and offend. (Minor to Moderate Violation). We may remove this content and issue a warning email.

Red = STOP Danger Zone - Don’t Move Ahead! This line should never be crossed. (Severe Violation) We will remove this material, issue a warning, may take disciplinary actions, and may report to Law Enforcement.


Be Kind & Welcoming :Never use: bullying or hateful words


Kind words

Welcome words

Inclusive words

Compliments and praise

Using others’ preferred name and pronouns

Embrace differences




Demeaning words and language

Calling people names

Belittling words

Jokes making fun of others

Potty language




Racist language

Sexist or gender discrimination; sexual innuendo


Religious knocks or blasphemy

Derogatory comments about any protected class of people



Be Safe: To protect your identity, don’t share Personal Identifying Information with others



First name

Favorites: foods, colors, TV shows, authors, animals, etc.


Country, region, time zone


Types of pets

Be yourself - share who you are



City, State




Full name



Gaming handles

Social media or posting of websites

School name

Unauthorized pictures of others


Be Respectful: Help make RefresHR a comfortable place for learning: do not use swear words or bad language. Don’t threaten, harass, or make others feel uncomfortable by using inappropriate references. Don’t share inappropriate pictures or videos.



Uplifting language

Safe words



Distasteful slang words

Bathroom or potty language



Inappropriate references to violence, weapons, or killing

Threats or harassment towards others


Pictures or depictions of others without their permission

Immodest photos or video

Nudity or uncovered body parts

Sexual innuendo