We are all on our own heroic journey to find our purpose. Here’s mine, to help you deeply connect with your most cherished.

Emotional Intelligence

+ Your Child’s Style


The magic combination.


Every family and child is wonderfully unique in the way they connect, communicate, and relate to one another. Unlocking your family’s special combination is key! In just one workshop with me, you’ll gain actionable skills that will help you decode each of your family member’s unique style, so it won’t be left to spend months, years or decades trying to figure it out!



Every child has their own way of listening, processing information, engaging in conversation, and expressing themselves. Their style affects things like how they analyze things, how many questions they need to ask before they’re satisfied, and how they connect with others.

When your child knows their own style, their self-awareness and social-awareness increase exponentially. When you know their style, your ability to support them will be unmatched.

The magic happens when parents learn about their own style, too.

The more parents and kids learn to navigate each other, the more human they become in each other's eyes. When kids know you’re in this together, they’ll draw closer to you instead of pushing you away.

The reason that parents and kids see such incredible and quick results from my RESET, REFRAME, and REFRESH workshops is that they get time to really think and reflect without any distractions and gain tangible skills that can be applied immediately after the workshop.

Everyone who attends cherishes the opportunity to get to know themselves better and have the opportunity to choose which methods work for them without changing the essence of who they are!

Teens, Tweens, and Parents will gain leadership skills with:

  • Stronger self-expression skills
  • Relationship navigation skills
  • The ability to socially engage with confidence
  • Healthy conflict resolution strategies
  • Listening and empathy skills
  • The social sensitivity required to build rapport with others
  • A team-player mindset
  • Stress management and reduction tools
  • An empowered sense of personal responsibility and accountability



Working parents learn to navigate home and dynamics to engage and impact them more effectively.
As a part of your workshop purchase, you’ll receive a report of your specific communication style blend.

Inside of the workshop, I’ll show you how to use that information to your advantage so you can discover your top 3 priorities and where you tend to focus your energy. You’ll be equipped to understand more about your motivators and stressors and how to use those to shape your home and workplace experience by developing your self-awareness for more effective interactions.

Once you learn how to decode other people’s styles through the art of people reading, we will go through an exercise to identify your family's communication and personality styles. You’ll learn how to be more effective with them, solve problems with their style in mind, and work towards diffusing or reducing tense situations to build a more trusting and collaborative relationship. Through reflection exercises you’ll apply the same thought process to those at work with your colleagues and manager.

The insight and skills you'll learn in the live workshop are immediately applicable at work, home and any other social interactions you engage in.

Sandhya is amazing; I loved working with her on the same powerhouse HR team years ago in the broadcast media space. Sandhya’s authentic and collaborative leadership style creates trust and credibility across all levels. The success she’s had developing rising talent, coaching leaders, and leading the people aspect of building teams from inception to launch and beyond, is a testament to the leadership talent she brings to any team.

-Lori Haley, V.P of HR, Universal Alloy Corporation (formerly CNN/Turner Broadcasting)

Sandhya is an exceptional talent with expertise across the HR spectrum. She served as a great leader to our younger team members by embodying the worth ethic, character and resilience that anyone would want to see in a leader. I strongly endorse Sandhya for any role, but particularly those where she will set the pace as a leader of character.

-Claire Kennedy, V.P. People Operations, Axios Media

Sandhya’s knowledge is excellent, not only from an accuracy standpoint but also from ease of understanding and implementation. She strives to ensure your needs are always met and finds a solution that fits. I would not hesitate to use her again!

-Rocky Patel, Co-Founder of CamRock Enterprises




We give this 10 stars on the 5 star scale. My 12 yo learned so much about herself and how to effectively communicate with others. Sandhya is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and she relates so well to tweens. The skills and ideas my daughter took away from this course, she said she will use forever because they are so useful and easy to remember. She cannot wait to take more courses with Sandhya. Absolutely recommend this course and this coach to others!

-Elizabeth H., Workshop Participant's Parent

Sandhya has helped my 12 year old son understand the different communication styles that people have and how to make conversations flow more easily. She has laid out the foundation and brought to the surface the tools to help him be a better communicator which is a lifelong skill but rarely taught. Thank you so much Sandhya.

-Zia K., Workshop Participant's Parent

My son is a senior and about to head to college away from home. Sandhya’s [REFRAME] workshop was an eye opener for him. He actually said “I’ve never spent so much time thinking about myself!” She gave him specific insights to his behavioral style and recommended strategies to help him be more effective in managing a new environment. Definitely recommend!

-Mital P.



Designed to help learners between the ages of 14-18, this 75 minute workshop is a customized version of RESET: The Foundational Workshop. This workshop is geared towards preparing teens for their next big life steps, such as employment or college.

They will learn highly desirable employable skills sets now for when they are an intern or their first summer job, or working in project based groups in school. In the workshop they will be supported with a workbook, training, and assessment information to improve communication skills, emotional intelligence, and social awareness.

Teens will learn valuable information about which work environments they would thrive in based on their specific style, their motivators, needs and development areas preparing them to be successful for their next phase. They will learn skills that can be applied immediately at school, home and any other social interactions they engage in.



Geared towards learners between the ages of 9-14, this 75 minute workshop helps kids navigate the early years of their development socially and emotionally at home and at school. An age-appropriate version of RESET: The Foundational Workshop, tweens will be supported with a workbook, training, and assessment information to improve communication skills, emotional intelligence, and social awareness.

This is a common age for behavior issues to intensify and is often where school and social interactions become more difficult for students. These issues are specifically addressed in The Tween Workshop.




Member Events 


Once your family takes a RESET or REFRAME live event, you will be a member of my community.

Each month you can attend a live event where you’ll experience Family Building events taking learnings from the workshop to the next level! You’ll also be eligible to take additional workshops only available to those in my community.

OPTION FOUR: Replenish 


As you learn your child’s style, practice new communication skills as a family, and grow your parenting skills with me, you’ll learn how to…

  • Create a safe space for your kids to talk — where they know you’re going to listen without judgment
  • Develop comfort with the uncomfortable — kids make mistakes and develop resilience by fixing their own problems even if their solutions may be imperfect
  • Identify your child’s style to better relate to what works for them, instead of expecting what works for you to be their go-to too!
  • Reduce your unconscious biases that may be blocking your connection with your child
  • Identify and fulfill your own needs as well as those of your child
  • Motivate, direct, and develop your child
  • Reduce your own stress so that you have more capacity for problem solving, thinking creatively, and developing your family, work, and social relationships

Absolutely amazing…Sandhya is really kind and a thorough coach with great resources on the subject. Our family discussed this for hours after!

-Jenn H.

I highly recommend Sandhya! Her knowledge and expertise shines through the minute you speak to her. What makes her different is her personalized approach. She is calm, collective, and patient through the entire coaching process.

-Doctor of Optometry, Participant

Amazing how spot on Sandhya is! She provides specific coaching guidance which I’ve already had success in implementing. Thank you Sandhya!

-Director, Kroger Retail Corporate Office Workshop Participant

This 4-week immersive program takes your whole family through a once in a lifetime family building experience through a mindset shifting scavenger hunt! Unlock your family's unique dynamics and discover how to influence, motivate and develop each other through the most pivotal years of your lives. These immersive workshops can be self-led or with me facilitating and coaching each step of the way. All sessions are through Zoom so you can be in the comfort of your environment. 

Each coaching program consists of:

  • Individual 1:1’s: I meet with each person to understand their intentions and what they want to improve. 
  • Mindshifting Scavenger Hunt Exercises: I provide guided reflection exercises and activities to complete in between sessions for individuals to complete, or to be completed as a family.
  • Family group session: I help your family understand your unique dynamics and  to gain a deeper understanding of your family's unique style's strengths and challenges.  I help align you towards a goal and we create steps to achieve it. 
  • Using my leadership framework, once you go through my family coaching program your family know how to reduce conflict with your unique family communication dynamics, defuse tension, feel heard, and create a better environment for you all to thrive at home and away from it!