Reframe or Reset Live Workshop

Give me 75 mins and I'll teach  you, your teen, tween or entire family valuable leadership skills which will increase your emotional intelligence.

What you'll get:

  • Gain self-awareness into how you process and articulate your thoughts as well as know your actual communication style.
  • Understand your motivators and stressors which shape how you show up at home, workplace/school and gain insight on how to manage your emotions. 
  • Learn to decode your family  and apply this technique to ANYONE you meet, i.e. your boss, coworkers, kids school friends, and know how to navigate them.
  • Discover how to be effective in solving problems, diffusing or reducing tense situations and effectively build trusting and collaborative relationships with those who matter most in your life.
  • Get a personalized report all about you and your style.
  • 20 mins 1:1 Reflection call with me, your coach, to share all your thoughts, fine-tune your strategies and ask questions.

**The price listed is per person.** Once you check out, you will have the option to add additional people and choose a date & time that fits YOUR schedule with availability including weeknights & weekends. 

What people are saying!

I wish I had this growing up as I think it would have changed the relationship I had with my parents and also my self confidence. Every parent should have Sandhya’s tools as part of their parenting toolbox!

Dr. Sheth, Physical Therapist at TEDx Speaker

The methods used to understand and reveal our communication styles were spot on and learning how to understand others by people reading were instrumental in this process. Highly recommend Sandhya’s program. It's an unforgettable experience and worth every minute invested!

Dr. Monge, Oncologist & TEDx Speaker

We give this 10 stars on the 5 star scale. My 12 yo learned so much about herself and how to effectively communicate with others. Sandhya is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and she relates so well to tweens. The skills and ideas my daughter took away from this course, she said she will use forever because they are so useful and easy to remember. She cannot wait to take more courses with Sandhya. Absolutely recommend this course and this teacher to others!

Elizabeth H., Workshop Participant's Parent

Sandhya has helped my 12 year old son understand the different communication styles that people have and how to make conversations flow more easily. She has laid out the foundation and brought to the surface the tools to help him being a better communicator which is a lifelong skill but rarely taught. Thank you so much Sandhya!

Zia K., Workshop Participant's Parent

Absolutely amazing…Really kind and thorough teacher and great resources on the subject. Our family discussed this for hours after!

Jenn H. Outschool Workshop Participant's Parent

Amazing how spot on Sandhya is! She provides specific coaching guidance which I’ve already had success in implementing. Thank you Sandhya!

M. Patel, Director, Kroger Retail Corporate Office Workshop Participant

Phenomenal workshop!!! My son is a senior and about to head to college away from home. Sandhya’s workshop was an eye opener for him. He actually said “I’ve never spent so much time thinking about myself!” She gave him specific insights to his behavioral style and recommended strategies to help him be more effective in managing a new environment. I also bought the assessment which was a great supplement and very accurate. Definitely recommend it!

M. Patel, Workshop Participant's Parent

$167.00 USD