42 Strategies To Overcome Your Biases & Unlock A New Level of Influence!


This 30 mins webinar is designed specifically for ParentPreneurs to:

✅ Build trust and openness in both familial and professional relationships

✅ Triumph over insecurities and bolster self-esteem

✅ Cultivate positive relationships with siblings or among colleagues

✅ Eradicate persistent drama and tension

✅ Mitigate pervasive stress and anxiety in both family and work life

✅ Proactively address feelings of jealousy, rivalry, and unhealthy competition

✅ Sidestep potential challenges such as depression, resentment, or image issues


And so much more…

This webinar could transform your relationship with your child and your entrepreneurial relationship - because self-awareness is power

Once you know your unconscious biases - and how to reduce them - you'll feel more empowered and confident as a ParentPreneur 

If you’re still on the fence about the webinar, here’s my promise to you…

If you go through the course and you’re not 100% convinced it gave you 1 concrete step to immediately improve your relationship with your child or entrepreneurial relationships …

…I’ll give you a 20-minute Coaching Call to help you come up with one ($50 value).

Sound good?

A 27-minute Mini-Course  that could improve your relationships …plus a FREE coaching call if you’re not 100% satisfied…

You’ve have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Are you ready to get started?

Purchase the webinar and in 27 minutes you'll unleash your higher potential.

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