Sandhya (sun.the.ya)

I am a Culture Coach for Organizations & Families with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Development.
I have led HR efforts in multiple industries creating high-performing teams by attracting exemplary candidates, developing retention and engagement programs, cultivating rising leaders, and building strategies in employer branding and social outreach.
My work has been incredibly fulfilling by knowing I increase trust and collaboration through my efforts leading HR in private start up’s to established public organizations such as:

My career portfolio

My career portfolio is unique, but even more so is my global outlook which has shaped how I approach the world. I’m a second generation Indian American, born and raised in England by an Indian father born and raised in Kenya, Africa, and an Indian mother. My younger brother and I were raised in a very conservative joint family environment and learned Hindi and Punjabi from our grandmother who had Limited English Proficiency, while being educated in Christian schools. Duality and multiculturalism has been part of my identity from birth.

I am heavily influenced by my father’s work ethics and fascinated by his journey from working three jobs in college to later in life having huge success in servicing the airline industry and manufacturing the classic stone wash on the 80’s denim jeans. He and my uncle created a diverse and unified workforce with a familial bond, providing employment to those who were considered unrecruitable at that time. Being part of their journey and what they created has shaped who I am today.

We moved to America in the early 90’s for opportunity and the Florida sun. I had to quickly adjust to American culture as well as American English. I also realized a few words I thought were Hindi were actually Swahili, and a few words that were English meant something entirely different in America adding another layer to being linguistically diverse.

Having lived in England, India, United Arab Emirates and America, I bring a deep understanding of global perspectives towards Diversity and the work that can be done to build an inclusive culture, especially for working parents.

Looking back at my journey so far, I am a very proud graduate from The George Washington University earning a Masters in Human & Organizational Learning, as well as being awarded 3 Peabody’s for my team’s support in award-winning programming.

My education, career and life experiences have led me to where am I today and I look forward to helping workplaces take complex issues with their culture and mental wellness through the recognition of Emotional Intelligence, especially when it comes to engaging and retaining working parents.

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