I help you Create High Performing & Emotionally Resilient Teams  with HR solutions customized for your startup or small business 

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Drawing my leadership experiences from



I have a healthy obsession in building high performing teams.

It's my niche... and in over 20 years of work in Human Resources and Talent Development, it has served me well.

Whether it's changing how a job posting reads to attract specific personas, to uncovering organizational team blindspots...

it's the thrill of creating and supporting healthy team dynamics in reaching massive success that drives me.

I've led HR strategy and implementation from startups to public companies ranging from 25 employees to 4,000 in various industries as Tech, Education, Media, Broadcasting and Hospitality, from CA to Dubai.

From being hands on in keeping the organization compliant with federal, state and local laws, to being strategic in how teams are organized and optimized in reaching business goals, I have the HR experience and resources to do it all.

Not all companies require Full Time Vice President Level HR support, some companies can't afford it, and others are stretched so thin their HR teams lack the bandwidth to scale or revamp.

This is why I created a subscription based HR service. I meet you where you are, absorb the ever-changing needs from HR, and am driven to support you in reaching the business outcomes you desire. 

I take work off your plate, provide you peace of mind, and offer you speed, flexibility, resources, and the knowledge of a VP level HR executive at a fraction of the price of hiring one in-house.

Choose one of three recurring subscription packages best suited for your HR & business needs.

  • STARTUPIdeal for small businesses with little or no HR support. 
  • GROWTHIdeal for growing businesses that require more HR support. 
  • ENTERPRISEIdeal for larger businesses or those with complex HR needs. 
  • Packages start at $250 per month and come with unlimited texting  for HR related questions. 
  • Choose from 30+ HR solutions and services to solve you business needs. 
  • Take work off your plate & have peace of mind!
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Organizational Upskilling supporting CEO's and HR:


  • Build a Strong Employer Brand & Broaden DEI Initiatives To Attract Top Talent.

  • Identify HR Gaps To Keep Your Staff Compliant, Productive and Engaged. 

  • Employee Relations & HR Problem Solving to Create The Right Outcomes For Your Business.

  • Support team during HR vacations, LOA or attrition.
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Member Events 


Once your family takes a RESET or REFRAME live event, you will be a member of my community.

Each month you can attend a live event where you’ll experience Family Building events taking learnings from the workshop to the next level! You’ll also be eligible to take additional workshops only available to those in my community.


We initially engaged Sandhya to assess our current HR structure and make recommendations to allow for better performance and future growth.The outcome was better than I expected. I came to see that Sandhya is not only intellectually and emotionally intelligent, but trustworthy, accountable, a good assessor of talent, and can quickly step into a HR environment, visualize how things work, and what needs to be done to align HR with current goals.If you are looking for help with your HR department, I would not hesitate to recommend Sandhya and RefresHR.

Robert Parmar, CEO of SPM

Sandhya provided excellent feedback, you can tell her passion is HR and overall HR services. You and your company are better off once you work with her. She immediately added value to my company and I was on a time crunch- I will hire again in the future!

Jenn Cramer, Founder, Brand You Agency 

As a small business owner I realized how I impact my team through the decisions I make. For many years I was running my company without HR and now I am realizing what a big mistake that has been. I happened to be speaking to Sandhya about the difficulties I was facing and she was quick to help me understand what our company needed.

I wanted to bring that success into my home life.

Over the last few months Sandhya has helped not only with my parenting style but also with my leadership style and helped organize and strategize the most critical part of my being...the people. Every parentpreneur should have Sandhya’s tools as part of their life toolbox

Thanks to Sandhya, I now feel I have my fingers on the right buttons to lead my company and my family.

Dr. Hina Sheth, TEDX Speaker and Founder

In Sandhya’s time at Axios, she served as our talent acquisition leader. Sandhya served as a great leader to our younger team members by embodying the worth ethic, character and resilience that anyone would want to see in a leader. I strongly endorse Sandhya for any role, but particularly those where she will get to set the pace as a leader of character for the broader organization.

Claire Kennedy, V.P. People Operations, Axios Media

Sandhya is amazing; I loved working with her on the same powerhouse HR team years ago in the broadcast media space. Sandhya’s authentic and collaborative leadership style creates trust and credibility across all levels with her clients, colleagues, and partners. The success she’s had developing rising talent, coaching leaders, and leading the people aspect of building show teams from inception to launch and beyond is a testament to the leadership talent she brings to any team and organization.

Lori Haley, V.P of HR, Universal Alloy Corporation (formerly CNN/Turner Broadcasting)

Sandhya is a consummate professional whose leadership has left an indelible mark on our organization. She possesses not only the technical expertise required for the role but also the interpersonal skills and strategic foresight that set her apart. It is without reservation that I recommend Sandhya as an invaluable asset or partner to any organization fortunate enough to benefit from her leadership.

NicK Tsahalis,CEO of Maslow Media Group 

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