With today's overwhelming dual environments, complex social influences, information overload, and limited quality family time, managing children through the most pivotal years is extremely challenging.

With the right leadership & communication skills, emotional intelligence, and personalized workshops, I help you and your family get ahead and thrive at home, work or school!



Drawing my leadership experiences from

No matter how challenging the work, home, and parenting juggle is right now, I want you to know that you haven’t failed as a parent.

That’s why you’re here…still looking for answers!

 It's completely normal to feel a little lost while you're looking for those answers. Parenting an elementary child, tween or teen while trying to manage work and professional relationships at the same time can feel like walking through a minefield.

If you say the wrong thing  they shut down, sulk away to their room, and dive into their favorite device. At work, teams become divided and unproductive and tensions rise. Both can be frustrating and prevent you from being successful at work and at home. It can be easy to resort to yelling, more restrictions, and guilt filled punishments.

Whether you’re managing peer relationships and employees at work or parenting at home — escalating authority just isn’t effective. Avoiding your colleagues and family members just isn’t an option, either. When emotional intelligence is lacking, everyone ends up exhausted, frustrated, and disconnected.

This is why my RESET, REFRAME, and REFRESH workshops focus on getting you effective engagement and communication goals in the effort to reduce conflict, defuse tension, feel heard, and get ahead in creating a better environment for you all to thrive at home and away from it. 

The same skills that you need at work are the ones that will make home life easier, and the same skills you can apply to your parenting will create stronger relationships at work.  You'll find more quality time and connection with less quarreling and conflict in both your work and home worlds. It’s a win win!

Strong families can be built, they aren’t just ‘born’ from the beginning and it's never too late to hit that refresh button!

Increase your emotional intelligence through the Art of People Reading. Take one 75 minute workshop and build awareness into your own communication style as well as those around you. Unlock the unique dynamics between you and others and discover how to influence, motivate and develop people at home, work or school. Parents hit the RESET button as they unlearn unhelpful behaviors and beliefs so that they can relearn what really works for them at work and at home. Kids REFRAME how they look at situations and themselves, improving their social skills, academic achievements, and family relationships. These workshops can be taken individually or as a whole family unit. 

Families in need of that personal guidance REFRESH in my private coaching workshops together as a whole family unit. This 4-week immersive program takes your whole family through a once in a lifetime family building experience through a mindset shifting scavenger hunt! Unlock your family's unique dynamics and discover how to influence, motivate and develop each other through the most pivotal years of your lives. These immersive workshops can be self-led or with me facilitating and coaching each step of the way.

People of all ages and backgrounds find new ways and ideas to continue the work at home and away when they become a part of my REPLENISH community.


3 Biggest Mistakes in Parenting

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watch your family thrive  with the right leadership and emotional intelligence skills.

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Hi, I’m Sandhya (sun-the-ya)!

I am a Family and Organizational Culture Coach who creates Emotional Intelligence workshops for working parents, children, and the organizations that support them.

My work is rooted in over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Development. During my years of work with teams, leaders, managers, and parents in various work cultures, I saw the power of emotional intelligence in creating high performing teams.

The downside was…

By the time I was coaching people in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s they had missed out on decades of opportunity. Opportunities, that is, to develop their emotional IQ, communication skills, and social awareness. Even though these are often considered ‘soft skills’ they are CRITICAL for success!

Parents need a chance to develop emotional intelligence skills in their children at an early age when it matters most — in middle and high school!

My own motherhood journey started in 2011 with my daughter. In 2014 I added my son to the mix. I’m also an aunt to four teenagers, which has made for an interesting parenting ‘playground’ where I’ve seen firsthand the power of emotional intelligence in the world we live in today. 

Now, as a Culture Coach I work with a full spectrum of people from executives, doctors and educators to families with children of all ages. I show them how to improve their social engagements, create alignment, reduce conflict, and build a stronger family culture. I'm give the tools 

With just one workshop, I am able to increase your (or your loved one's) emotional intelligence to the point where there's a stronger connection within yourself and the people around you.  I've built my workshops in a way that allows you to apply these skills everywhere and in any phase of your life by using tangible tips and strategies that can be used right away. 

I'll save you an immense amount of future money spent unlearning unhealthy behaviors and the effect it had, as well as decades of time finally figuring it all out.

Let me you get there.

Sandhya Dayal
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Understanding the way your child’s brain works and how they think is fascinating, but to then take that information and help them understand themselves is priceless! There is no better person to help with this than Sandhya. I wish I had this growing up as I think it would have changed the relationship I had with my parents and also my self confidence. Every parent should have Sandhya’s tools as part of their parenting toolbox!

Dr. Sheth, Physical Therapist at TEDx Speaker

"The methods used to understand and reveal our communication styles were spot on and learning how to understand others by people reading were instrumental in this process. We’ve raised our communication to a higher level with an understanding of our vision, values, and focusing on what is truly important to us as a family. I highly recommend Sandhya’s program. It's an unforgettable experience and worth every minute invested!

Dr. Monge, Oncologist & TEDx Speaker