+ Your Family's Communication Style

The winning combination.


With my 75 minute live zoom workshop, you will have the ability to apply lifelong Emotional Intelligence skills immediately to better health, academic & professional achievement, and stronger relationships.

Strengthen relationships at home with your partner, child, parent, sibling, relatives and friends...and apply the same skills at work, making this a win-win all around! 

Every family is unique in the way they connect, communicate, and relate to one another. Unlocking your family’s winning combination is key!

Emotional Intelligence can is a learned skill that can be developed as early as 8 years old and is taught to Executives globally to build high performing teams.

It doesn't take years, or even months to learn...


Research shows that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) leads to better health, academic & professional achievement and stronger relationships.

People with high EQ's have strong communication skills, diffuse tension, solve issues quickly & not only increase their performance at work/school but know how to gain cooperation at home.

When your family understands their communication style, your self-awareness and social-awareness increases exponentially leading you to a higher level of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

The more and your family learn to navigate each other, the higher the success you will have in your own home life. The reason that families see such incredible and quick results from my  workshops is that they gain tangible skills that can be applied immediately after the workshop at home and away from it.

With my 75 minute workshop, you will have the ability to apply these lifelong skills immediately and strengthen relationships at home with your partner, child, parent, sibling, relatives and friends...and apply the same skills at work, making this a win-win all around!  



Learn relationship navigation skills through prediction by:

  • Understanding the 4 communication styles to help you socially engage with confidence.
  • Discovering the secret 2-step technique to decode ANYONE and learn how to build rapport with each of the 4 styles.
  • Knowing your own communication style and the strengths & challenges that come with it to build awareness and uncover blindspots.
  • Learning healthy conflict resolution strategies, reduce stress, and build trusting, collaborative  relationships by choosing from 30 tips & strategies designed with each style in mind.
  • Receiving a personalized 1-page personal report with your specific Communication Style "Blend".
  • Meeting with me post workshop for 20 mins to fine tune your strategies & ask questions.
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We give this 10 stars on the 5 star scale. My 12 yo learned so much about herself and how to effectively communicate with others. Sandhya is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and she relates so well to tweens. The skills and ideas my daughter took away from this course, she said she will use forever because they are so useful and easy to remember. She cannot wait to take more courses with Sandhya. Absolutely recommend this course and this coach to others!

-Elizabeth H., Workshop Participant's Parent

Sandhya has helped my 12 year old son understand the different communication styles that people have and how to make conversations flow more easily. She has laid out the foundation and brought to the surface the tools to help him be a better communicator which is a lifelong skill but rarely taught. Thank you so much Sandhya.

-Zia K., Workshop Participant's Parent

My son is a senior and about to head to college away from home. Sandhya’s [REFRAME] workshop was an eye opener for him. He actually said “I’ve never spent so much time thinking about myself!” She gave him specific insights to his behavioral style and recommended strategies to help him be more effective in managing a new environment. Definitely recommend!

-Mital P.

Absolutely amazing…Sandhya is really kind and a thorough coach with great resources on the subject. Our family discussed this for hours after!

-Jenn H.

I highly recommend Sandhya! Her knowledge and expertise shines through the minute you speak to her. What makes her different is her personalized approach. She is calm, collective, and patient through the entire coaching process.

-Doctor of Optometry, Participant

Amazing how spot on Sandhya is! She provides specific coaching guidance which I’ve already had success in implementing. Thank you Sandhya!

-Director, Kroger Retail Corporate Office Workshop Participant

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