The first step

every parent needs to take is to understand their own blindspots and unconscious biases. 


Equipping your children with powerful emotional intelligence skills that will carry them through life starts with you. 


With my 27 minute mini-course I’ll show you practical steps you can do right now to begin reversing the effects of your primary parenting bias.



Our parental biases impact how our children view the world.

In turn, they impact our children's relationships, how they view themselves, their mental health, and how they function socially and emotionally. The unconscious biases you uncover in your parenting may be the same ones you have in the workplace.

They are where I begin with every parent because recognizing your biases gives you powerful clues to what is keeping you from thriving in your home and work life. 

Once you understand your own perspective, you'll be able to see where stress and tension in your relationships might be coming from.

This simple course could transform your relationship with your child - because self-awareness is power


Once you know your unconscious biases - and how to reduce them - nothing stands in your path to a strong and loving family dynamic.

By practicing what you learn in my Mini-Course, you’ll help your child:


Boost their confidence and friendliness.

Overcome insecurities and self-esteem issues.

Regain trust and openness with you.

Enjoy healthy relationships with siblings and peers.

Eliminate constant family drama and tension.

Understand and love themselves and others.

Build a strong, loving and lasting bond with you.

Alleviate rampant stress and anxiety.

Head-off feelings of jealousy, rivalry and rebellion.

Avoid lifelong depression, resentment or body image issues.

Unconscious Biases In Parenting Mini-Course


In this mini-workshop, we'll exam the most common biases in parenting that can have an impact your family and see if you can recognize yourself, or others in any of them. You'll learn:

  • All 7 unconscious parenting biases (and how to fix them NOW).

  •  The 1 thing your child will lack forever if you don’t give it to them.

  • 30 practical tips you can use - starting today - to eliminate stress and anxiety… and restore peace and love to your home.

  •  The real reason your child is hyper-combative with siblings.

  • Why you should pay special attention to your child’s body language.

  •  Why you should let your child change a tire (it may surprise you).

  • What your child actually feels when you compare them to others.

  •  Workbook that recaps and captures all your learning and realizations

And so much more…


I'm Ready!


Here’s my promise to you…

If you go through the course and you’re not 100% convinced it gave you 1 concrete step to immediately improve your relationship with your child…

…I’ll give you a 20-minute Coaching Call to help you come up with one ($50 value). 

Sound good?

A 27-minute Mini-Course that could improve your relationship with your child forever…plus a FREE coaching call if you’re not 100% satisfied…

You’ve have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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