Designed for children between 14 - 18 yrs old

Teenagers are in a crucial phase where the decisions they make will shape the rest of their life.

By knowing more about who they are, your teen will gain a head start in shaping their life. Inside of REFRAME your teen will learn how to navigate their world and understand how they can thrive in relationships, friendships, and even their future career path.

The awareness they will gain will have an immediate impact in building lifelong skills in communication and relationship building. Through exercises in emotional intelligence, your teen will develop a new perspective on what it means to live a successful and fulfilling life.

In this 75 minute workshop they will:

Unlock their blindspots and gain self-awareness into their own communication style.

Learn the Art of People Reading and unlock the unique dynamics with their family and apply this technique with anyone they meet. 

Discover, based on your communication style, which work environment you will thrive in for greater job satisfaction, whether it’s an internship or their first summer job!

Receive a personalized report all about them!

A post workshop 25-minute reflection session with me. 

attend a live WORKSHOP

Phenomenal workshop!!! My son is a senior and about to head to college away from home. Sandhya’s workshop was an eye opener for him. He actually said “I’ve never spent so much time thinking about myself!” She gave him specific insights to his behavioral style and recommended strategies to help him be more effective in managing a new environment. I also bought the assessment which was a great supplement and very accurate. Definitely recommend!

M. Patel, Workshop Participant's Parent

Absolutely amazing…Really kind and thorough teacher and great resources on the subject. Our family discussed this for hours after!

Jenn H. Workshop Participant's Parent

Through simple leadership exercises and age appropriate language, [Sandhya] was able to keep our child engaged and helped his self awareness and better understand others… Every parent should have Sandhya’s tools as part of their parenting toolbox!

Dr. Sheth, TedX Speaker

[Sandhya] has provided us with great feedback that we have already started to apply in our communication with our learner. Highly recommend! 

Megan R., Workshop Participant's Parent